Uniform Standards – Reminder to Parents

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian

As you are aware, high standards and expectations regarding Academy Uniform are fundamental in our continued effort to instil the values of Pride and Respect in every one of our students.  In order for expectations to be met, as an Academy we must ensure that a consistent approach is taken with every student. 

One area that is a major focus is the appearance of our female students, particularly with regards their nail varnish and make up.  We deal with cases on a daily basis where a small minority of students fail to meet our standards, and in this event they are made to remove either nail varnish or make up before being allowed into lessons.  All students are reminded on a regular basis about these rules, and therefore we insist on a zero tolerance approach, crucial if we are to maintain our high standards.  Occasionally students will have expensive nail treatment in advance of a family event or special occasion, however as an Academy we will not afford preferential treatment for this and will insist that regardless of the reason, the student does not go into lessons unless their nail varnish is ‘pale and discreet’, in accordance with our Uniform policy.

I hope we can count on your support with this.  As an Academy we have worked tirelessly with the students to raise the standards of uniform and will continue to enforce our policies should they fail to meet the required standard.

May I also remind you that Academy skirts need to be knee length or just above.  Could I ask that you check that your daughter’s skirt meets this criteria and if it is shorter than this make arrangements to replace the skirt for the duration of the Academy year.  With regards the colour of both skirts and trousers please note that it is a ‘mid grey’ tone, and a dark grey is not acceptable.

Below are some reminders of what we expect:

  • Nail varnish should be pale and discreet.
  • Make up should be discreet.
  • Excessive eyeliner is inappropriate therefore ‘flicks’ are not allowed.
  • Skirts should be knee length or just above.
  • Trousers and Skirts should be ‘mid grey’ in colour.
  • One pair of studs are permitted as acceptable piercings.  Students are not allowed more than this.
  • Facial piercings are not allowed in Academy.  Any student with a facial piercing (including nose studs) must wear a plastic retainer. 
  • Any student with a body piercing (ie belly button) must remove it during PE lessons.
  • Hair colours must be of natural colour.  Dyed, unnatural colouring is not permitted.
  • No ankle boots or other types of boots are allowed, regulation Academy shoes must be worn.
  • Shoes must be flat and those with heels are not permitted.
  • High sugar content, fizzy, isotonic or energy drinks are not permitted (water bottles can be refilled throughout the day at the water machines we have in the Academy).

In addition to the above the students must have 5 compulsory items with them every day.   These are:

  • Academy Bag
  • Academy Planner
  • Pencil Case (with a minimum requirement of a black pen, ruler, pencil, rubber, green pen, pencil sharpener)
  • Reading Book
  • Scientific Calculator

The appearance of our students is something we are extremely proud of, and it is something that visitors to the Academy comment on all the time.  With this level of attention to detail and by enforcing our rules consistently we will endeavour to maintain the high standards we have of all our young people.  Many thanks in anticipation of your support with this.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Harvey
(Assistant Principal, Behaviour and Pastoral Care)