Prefect Team 2017 Announced!

The Excel Academy has always allowed and encouraged students to be a part of the Academy decision making and running, through Student Councils and Form Representatives - and this leadership is shown through our valued Prefects, known as Blue Ties.

The Academy has developed this Prefect system to become a body of leaders who consistently show and uphold the Academy standards and give back to their peers. The new system runs Year 10 and Year 11 Prefects, and today in a special assembly we appointed our team of Year 9s to become Prefects in September with our Year 11 team.

The new Prefects are:

Kyle Wood, Hamna Bilal, Rosie Landon, Jacob Brian, Lexi Greenhough, Connor Ashmore, Ella Howle, Jack Hughes, Jessica Bromley, Jack Maddox, Tilly Olphin, Lauren Hall, True Machin, Hannah Davies, Holly Hutchinson, Neto Ken-Amobi, Kayleigh Salt, Olivia Marlow, Cerys Owen, Stefan Carter, Megan Hackney, Vannamathi Mohanarajhan, Benjamin Mould, Kimberley Kirkham, Cerys Jones, Joseph Daniels, Lia Elliott, Ebitare Polo, Josh Hover, Rebecca Ross, Harriet Tulley, Callum Dean, Piper Finnegan-Booth, Niaomi Owen, Bethany Venables, Lauren Rusby, Kayleigh Smith, Emilia Berg, Sophie Skelton, Gemma-Luise Smith, Leah West, Charlotte Beckett, Benjamin Holland, Courtney Wilson, Beth Adams, Eesha Hall, Oliver Ball, Chelsea Lambert, Jodie Collins, Samantha Heath, Kyle Cuthbertson, Georgina Dawson, Joshua Clarke, Libby Mottram, Millie Tench, Leoni-Marie Webb, Liberty Taylor, Abbi Williamson, Alisha Sheeran, Lexi Edwards.

We would like to say a huge congratulations to the new Prefects and we wish them every success!